Brand story 品牌故事

2009年,安米娜品牌正式诞生于台湾,致力打造一系列符合各女性年龄层的美妆品及全家大小美妆护肤洗护品(适合 3 岁以上的婴儿和孕妇使用)。秉持着“安心护肤,健康之美”的理念,安米娜以天然、温和、健康成分为主,以高品质、亲民价格、轻奢定位,获得广大消费者的信赖。

目前,安米娜产品超过 40 种,包括:护肤品、洗护品、口腔护理、美妆品及美容保健品。所有产品具备国际机构的产品认证,以保证产品符合国际优良品质标准。此外,安米娜也拥有原材料保加利亚玫瑰种植地,个人研发团队及制造工厂,以确保最大化降低成本及严管品质,同时避免市场上出现复制产品的可能性。

2015年,安米娜品牌入驻马来西亚市场,成立了AMNYNA GLOBAL SDN BHD,随之在新加坡设立分公司。公司也建立了系统化商城开启全球电商营销,为亚洲女性带来健康、温和亲肤的产品体验及创业机会。2018年,马来西亚安米娜的代理团队拥有高达8,000位,并且其数目正在持续增长中,再次证明了安米娜品牌的强大实力。

In 2009, Amina brand was officially born in Taiwan and is committed to creating a series of beauty products that meet the needs of women of all ages and family size beauty, skin care and washing products (suitable for infants over 3 years old and pregnant women). Adhering to the concept of "peace of mind skin care, beauty of health", Amina has won the trust of consumers by focusing on natural, mild and healthy ingredients and positioning itself on high quality, people-friendly price and light luxury.

At present, there are more than 40 kinds of Amina products, including skin care products, washing products, oral care, beauty products and beauty care products. All products have the product certification of international institutions to ensure that the products meet the international excellent quality standards. In addition, ammina also owns raw materials, Bulgarian rose planting land, personal R & D team and manufacturing plant to ensure maximum cost reduction and strict quality control, while avoiding the possibility of copying products in the market.

In 2015, Amina brand entered the Malaysian market, established amnyna global Sdn Bhd, and then set up a branch in Singapore. The company has also established a systematic mall to open global e-commerce marketing and bring Asian women healthy, gentle and skin friendly product experience and entrepreneurial opportunities. In 2018, the agent team of Amina Malaysia has reached 8000, and its number is growing, which once again proves the strong strength of Amina brand.